How to Trim a Brisket Like Your Favorite BBQ Joint

There are A LOT of great videos online about how to trim a brisket, but I wanted to focus on those featuring ones done by BBQ joints (brick & mortar, pop-up, etc.). So far I’ve compiled 16 ‘How To’ videos that should give you a good idea (and guide if you need one) on how to trim brisket like they do at their restaurants.

I will continue to add to this list as I run across new ones or ones I may have missed.

Bradley Robinson – Chuds BBQ and LeRoy and Lewis Barbecue – Austin, Texas

Aaron Franklin – Franklin Barbecue – Austin, Texas

Wayne Mueller – Louie Mueller Barbecue – Taylor, Texas

Blake Stoker – Blake’s BBQ – Martin, Tennesse

Johnny White – Jirby BBQ and Goldee’s Barbecue – Fort Worth, Texas

Fernando Gonzales – 2Fifty Texas BBQ – Riverdale, Virginia

Mario Ramirez – Alice’s RestaurantTreaty Oak Distilling

Andrew CastelanCattleack Barbeque – Dallas, TX

Mike Black – Terry Black’s Barbecue – Austin/Dallas

Dayne Weaver – Daynes Craft Barbecue – Fort Worth, Texas

Chef Ara Malekian – Harlem Road Texas BBQ – Richmond, Texas

Brendan Lamb – Smiley’s Barbecue – Roanoke, Texas

Mauro Chiefari – Texicana BBQ – Currently Consulting & Putting on Classes – Has worked at Kerlin BBQ, Cooper’s BBQ: Austin, LORO Austin, Franklin Barbecue and collabs with Terry Black’s Barbecue, Hurtado Barbecue, and Liberty Barbecue.

Joe Yim – Knox Ave Barbecue – Chicago, Illinois

Wilson’s BBQ – United Kingdom

Burt Bakman – SLAB Barbecue – Los Angeles, California

Wrapping this up, J.C. Reid from the Houston Chronicle has a great piece on the evolving art of brisket trimming HERE