Ellen Marie Bennett: Hedley & Bennett

In this episode I chat with Ellen Marie Bennett (in a parka because her factory was freezing cold that day), the CEO and Founder of Hedley & Bennett about her journey from Los Angeles to Mexico City(going to Culinary School there) to walking in the back doors of Providence and Lazy Ox(sadly closed now) to selling aprons out of her car to moving from a 400 square foot factory to what they are now in, a 16,000 square foot factory. Per Ellen, ‘Anything amazing is usually complicated to accomplish’, and she goes into detail on how difficult it was to get to where she is today, but how incredible that ride has been.

Hedley & Bennett is not just an apron company, but culinary brand. They are bridging the gap between the professional and home cook. They put out INCREDIBLE product and Ellen is a force of nature. You are going to lover this interview.