BBQ Photographers - Interviews with McSpadden, Lerma, and Goodman

When I started this interview journey I knew that I wanted to cover as many types of jobs in the BBQ and food world that I could(and still do). My hope was to give people the opportunity to learn about how people were able to go from one specific field(generally not food related at all) to something that they were really passionate about. If someone was on the edge of making that jump, but still hesitant, perhaps they could possibly use these interviews as a guide or foundation for making it happen.

When it came to photography I knew that I wanted to talk to three specific people: Wyatt McSpadden, Robert Jacob Lerma, and Ken Goodman. Although all three are completely different in regards to specific subject manner, they all are able to capture the heart of what BBQ really is and have the unique ability to tell a larger story with just a single image. I still cannot believe that each of them was able to take the time to share their stories, insight, and passion with me. It truly was an honor.

Here are the interviews(I have links to both the YouTube and Podcast versions if they exist). You’ll also want to be sure to follow all of them on social media to enrich your feed and inspire yourself daily.

Wyatt McSpadden

Robert Jacob Lerma

Hear the podcast version of Robert’s interview HERE

Ken Goodman

Hear the podcast version of Ken’s interview HERE