OnCue and Whole Hog Extravaganza - 17th Street BBQ - Murphysboro, IL

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There’s a special 2 day event that happens three times a year in Murphysboro, Illinois that’s put on by two of the best people in the BBQ world; Amy and Mike Mills of 17th Street Barbecue. I’ve wanted to go for years, not only for the incredible knowledge I’d gain from it, but for the relationships within the BBQ and food world that I would build.

Every January they put on the Whole Hog Extravaganza/Brisket Bonanza/BBQ MBA Seminar (this year is the 7th annual and scheduled to take place on January 15th and 16th). In late March/early April they put on a Business of Barbecue seminar and in late March/early April. Catering Master Class late October/early November. Catering Master Class.

The price for the Whole Hog class is $ 1,050.00 and the other two classes are $ 950.00 each. You may think that is a lot of money(some may not), but what you’ll get back from the experience is immeasurable. I’ve interviewed numerous people that have gone to one or more of these and they talk of still being close friends with fellow students as well as speakers. Interestingly, from it’s inception, they have had students from 45 states and 16 countries(over 1,000 people).

Currently the online registration system is not up(it will be soon), so if you are interested you should email Amy directly here. Note that they classes fill up quickly, so registering soon is imperative if you want to be part of the upcoming January whole hog event.

Here is a link to all of the necessary information.

I recently interviewed Amy about these classes because I was interested in getting more details and sharing that information. You can see it here:

Here is a partial list of some of the great people who’ve attended either as speaker attendee followed by upcoming speakers:

Carey Bringle — Peg Leg Porker - @peglegporker

Will Newman - Edley’s Bar-B-Que - @edleysbbq

Todd David - Cattleack BBQ - @cattleackbbq

Chris Prieto — Prime Barbecue - @primebbq

Linus Kim - Linus’ Bama Style BBQ Korea - @linusbbq

Frank Ostini - The Hitching Post - @hitchingpost2

Lawrence LaPianta - Cherry Street Barbecue  - @cherrystbbq

Greg Meyer — Meyer’s Elgin Sausage - @cuetopia

Jack Goodsell — Turnagain Armpit Barbecue - @turnagainarmpitbbq

Russell Roegels - Roegels Barbecue - @RoegelsBarbecue

Tank Jackson - Holy City Hogs  - @holycityhog

John Lewis - Lewis Barbecue  - @lewisbarbecue

Amy Mills - 17th Street Barbecue  - @17thstreetbbq

Mike Mills - 17th Street Barbecue  - @17thstreetbbq

Michael Ollier - Certified Angus Beef - @tallowbethyname

Barry Sorkin - Smoque Barbecue  - @barrysorkin

Beth Schiff - CHOPPED Casting Director - @choppedcasting

Ken Goodman - Ken Goodman Photography - @kengoodmanphoto

Chris Chamberlain  - Journalist  - @ceeelcee

Kat Kinsman - Journalist & Author - @katkinsman

Aaron Kleidon  - Scratch Brewery - @scratchbeer

RH Weaver  - Brown Water & Cocktail Expert  - @barweaver

John Delpha - Chef & Pitmaster - @john_delpha

Billy Durney - Hometown Bar-B-Que @wdurney