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Hey! I’m Kevin and I love BBQ. Nice to meet you. I’m the host of a BBQ YouTube series called Kevin’s BBQ Joints and I have a BBQ Podcast version of that show(with bonus audio material) called, cleverly, Kevin’s BBQ Joints. Both are worth subscribing to. I promise.

Feel free to contact me at any time with questions, comments, tips, complaints, and or BBQ related jokes.

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Veteran Owned BBQ Joints

November 11th is Veteran’s Day, however I am of the mindset that EVERY day should be Veteran’s Day. That is why I am going to build upon...

BBQ Classes Put on By BBQ Joints

The growth of BBQ joints putting on classes seems to have grown exponentially and because of that, what better holiday gift to the barbecue lover if...

Twin 500 gallon El Cucaracho Smokers sitting outside Moo's Craft Barbecue at their new brick & mortar at 2118 N Broadway in Los Angeles (Lincoln Heights).

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