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Shane's Rib Shack - Charlotte

199 Ken Hoffman Dr.
Charlotte, NC 28262

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June 6, 2011, 1:10 p.m.

On Wednesdays, the special is their smothered pork sandwich with a side. I ordered the special with Brunswick stew as my side.

Smothered pork sandwich: I was expecting a sandwich on a normal-sized bun. Instead, the bun was extra large (about 25% larger than a normal sandwich bun) and piled high with plenty of pork (along with some slaw). The pork on the sandwich was pulled, with the pieces varying in size. There was a nice mixture of pork and “outside brown”. Not a lot of smoke flavor in the meat. The pork was very moist, and I could actually taste the meat. All in all, a solid sandwich.

Brunswick stew: At first glance, this did not resemble anything stew-ish at all. There were ample amounts of the pulled pork along with the other requisite ingredients that constitute Brunswick stew. If it was not for the size of the sandwich, I probably would say that the portion of the stew was a bit on the small side.

Three different sauces are available, all primarily tomato-based. The original sauce had a bold but not overpowering flavor, with hints of mustard and chili powder. The hot sauce had essentially the same flavor profiles as the original, but it also had some back heat. The spicy sauce contained the bold flavors of the original sauce and the back heat of the hot sauce while adding a level of complexity through what tasted like ground peppercorns.