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Rudy's Bar-B-Q - Dallas Parkway

9828 Dallas Parkway
Frisco, TX 75034

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June 26, 2011, 10:40 a.m.

Okay, so I know that this is a chain, but when I want really good brisket in Frisco, this is where I go. There are other chains here in Frisco, but for me, the best brisket in Frisco can be found here. I know you are shaking your head saying what does this yahoo know about good Q because I like their brisket, but I do know good Q and if I can't have my slow smoked brisket, Rudy's in Frisco is my choice for brisket in Frisco.

The only thing I ever get at Rudy's is brisket, because I love brisket and their brisket is spot on. Over the past 3 years, I have purchased a lot of brisket from this location and only once have I been very disappointed. They brisket here is very consistent and it has a GREAT smoke flavor and a very nice bark as well. I only order "moist" brisket as I really don't care for any "lean" brisket.

I had brisket for lunch here about two weeks ago and it was very satisfying and filling. I love the fact that I can tell the guy who is slicing the brisket that I don't mind the fatty pieces they usually throw away when slicing the brisket - those are the best pieces, if you ask me! He agreed with me...

This day I ordered 3/4 of brisket, and I told the guy slicing it that I hate to see them throw away the first couple of moist slices because some people say it has too much fat...too much fat? Is that a bad thing? No, especially if you enjoy "moist" brisket.

So I pay for my lunch and as I am about to head over to the condiment section and get me some onions and pickles to go with my white bread, they guy who sliced the brisket put about 5 extra slices on the white butcher paper in an old plastic soda was the "moist" pieces that they usually throw away!!! I told him thanks, he said no problem and i know lunch would be extra good today.

Sat down, ate the 5 extra "moist" brisket pieces in a couple of slices of white bread first, and man oh man was it good. Love it when the grease meets the bread and turns it a bit soggy...doesn't get much better than that. With the extra 5 pieces of gold the slicer gave me, I had enough brisket left over to take some home to my wife and son, who love brisket as well.

If you are ever in Frisco and want really good brisket, don't bother going anywhere else - trust me. It would be cool if someone would open a mom and pop place here in Frisco, but until then, if I can't find about 14-18 hours to slow smoke my own brisket, Rudy's in Frisco always comes through with flying colors.