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Bert's Bar-BQ

3563 Far West Blvd # 109
Austin, TX 78731

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June 7, 2011, 7:36 a.m.

I struck out last February to have a fabulous BBQ lunch at Bert's Bar-BQ with a fellow fan, Thomas. The stars were aligned, the sun was shining, and I got the front and center parking space. When we entered we picked up the menu to decide on which of the 3 specialties we wanted. Thomas was quickly heckled by Gary, the owner, as he was confused why Thomas would pick up a menu after ordering the same thing for over 20 years.

We explained that we were doing research for manuptexasbbq, to direct people the correct way to order. Bert's is not a straight BBQ place, the joy lies in the "Specialty" items. 3 Specialty Items on the menu: Frito Pie (small or large), T-Man (small or large) and Turbo T-Man (Small frito pie+small T-Man).

I have always ordered a small frito pie, Thomas has always ordered a large frito pie. This day, I wanted sausage on top, so I thought I wanted a Turbo T-Man. Gary quickly sized me up and said no, you want the small frito pie with sausage on top (I guess I didn't need the additional t-man to get the sausage)...Thank you BBQ Monger.

We quickly ate our meal debating over UT football...Applewhite "Co-Offensive Coordinator" we think he should take on a signature hat to offset the "Co". My vote-the LBJ Cowboy Hat.

Thank you Bert's for delivering the SAME amazing meal for over 20 years. I may get older, but the BBQ taste the same.