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Brobeck's BBQ

4615 Indian Creek Parkway
Overland Park, KS 66207

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June 15, 2011, 7:40 p.m.

There's an allegation that Brobecks was "Voted Best Ribs in 2010" ??? I'm trying to find out where that vote was cast and by whom. I'm trying to find out because I want to add my vote on top of the stack - a Meg Ryan-esque "yes yes yes"! If you have never had the perfect porksicle, 100% pink clear to the bone, you need to get yourself to Bro. Brobecks the absolute first chance you get. Not only is the smoke "ring" the thing dreams are made of, the rub is text book. Students of the Holy Q should make a profession of observing the consistency of the meat - firm, yet as tender as imaginable and readily pulls off the bone. Yes, these ARE the best ribs to be found in Kansas City. So help me Bartle.

Brobecks pays his rent in an ignominious strip center in a sleepy whorl of 'burbin' Johnson County. The joint has a real country diner feel accented by the lovely ladies tending tables with surfeit of smiles, "honeys", and shoulder touches. A sampler plate of three ribs, sliced brisket, and sausage ($11.99) shows off Brobecks compentency. The brisket had a nice ring, but could have used more bark and was just the least little bit dry. Smoked sausage (Mendolia's polish) was wonderful - nicely flavored on it's own, enhanced perfectly by the smoke. Homemade chips are a nice alternative to steak fries (which are excellent, themselves). House red sauce is B+ and I strongly caution all humans against eating any "bbq sauce" that is yellow. Brobeck is man enough to offer diners additional sauces, one from Curly's and another one from an alleged masterpiece.

I wouldn't say Brobecks is overlooked, but considering the magnificence of his ribs, he deserves a whole lot of lovin' for what he does in the smoke oven.