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As it's probably quite evident, my real name's Kevin, and yes, I'm addicted to BBQ. I've always been a serious carnivore ever since I was old enough to eat solid food, but my love for BBQ, real BBQ, the kind that is slow cooked over indirect heat and smoke, didn't materialize until I got into my twenties. What I had been eating for years was really grilling (great grilling mind you), but not the kind of BBQ that draws legions of fans from around the country to competitions and obscure joints that are open until the meat runs out.

My first real taste came in 1994 when a friend of mine that lived in Kansas City sent me an igloo cooler packed with Arthur Bryant's BBQ. There was nothing more amazing than opening that package and seeing the incredible beef, ribs, beans, white bread (not too crazy in itself, but I had never had it paired with BBQ) and slightly spicy BBQ sauce. The experience made me want to search out other joints that served up similar BBQ and made it a point to look for it whenever I traveled out side of Los Angeles, especially in the four main BBQ regions. Which brings me to this site.

My main goal in creating it was to make it possible for anyone in America (or traveling around America) to utilize it to find BBQ close to them or close to where they were traveling. I was frustrated to search online for BBQ and come up with results for Hawaiian BBQ or Korean BBQ (huge fans of both, but neither satisfy my craving for real BBQ). After researching for the better part of two years I have almost 3,000 joints that cover every state in the union.

OK. There are some hardcore BBQ fans who will be opposed to the fact that I have included some chains (they'll also notice that I've left out a quite a few). The reason I have included them is because I wanted to make sure that you could find a BBQ joint near you even if it had to be a chain (and don't get me wrong, some chains are really brining it with their food quality and BBQ skills). I did not include chains that carried just a single BBQ dish as I don't believe that constitutes a joint. Note too that we have included an icon to designate a chain so that it'll be clear to those searching and at the main search you can choose to search with or without chains.

Also, even though we have over 3,000 BBQ joints in our database, we know we're missing many. Please shoot us an email and we'll immediately update the site (moreover, if there's a site that that has recently closed, contact us with that info and we'll update the site accordingly). I'll be adding new sites daily or as soon as I find them as I've made it a mission to make this the most complete BBQ search directory that ever existed. So thanks for checking my site out and let me know what you think. The main goal is to make this as user friendly as possible and especially, to get you closer to the end goal, eating BBQ as soon as possible.